How To Hire A Graphic Designer For Your Personal Brand Logo

What Is A Personal Logo?

  • The 3 definitive reasons why a personal brand logo is important
  • 6 personal logo design tips to consider BEFORE a designer starts your logo (#3 might surprise you)
  • The dos & don’ts of giving your logo designer feedback
  • Your final logo checklist

Why Is A Personal Brand Logo Important?

1. Own The Mind

2. Own Your Brand Identity

3. Own Your Message

4. Help Your Audience

6 Tips To Consider BEFORE A Designer Starts Your Logo

1. Ask the right questions.

  • What are your top 3 core values?
  • What problem does your message solve?
  • Is there a unique story that inspired your message?
  • What type of person does this design need to appeal to?
  • What 3 words best describe your personal brand or expertise?
  • What is the primary message you want to convey to your audience?
  • What 3 words do you want your audience to use when they describe you?

2. Find the symbolism.

3. Understand the psychology of color.

  • Red — strength, passion, desire, importance, attention, energy, power, determination, love
  • Orange — friendly, vitality, playfulness, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity
  • Yellow — happiness, optimism, warning, joy, intellect, energy
  • Green — prosperity, nature, stability, growth, safety, trust, loyalty, wisdom
  • Light Blue — trust, tranquility, openness
  • Dark Blue — security, formality, efficiency, professionalism, serenity, duty, logic, coolness
  • Purple — royalty, creativity, luxury, dignity, independence, mystery
  • Pink — youth, innocence, femininity, nurture, warmth
  • Brown — rugged, earthy, old-fashioned, reliability, support
  • White — clean, virtuous, healthy, goodness, innocence, purity
  • Gray — gloom, subdued, neutrality
  • Black — sophisticated, edgy, authority, power, elegance, formality

4. Make a mood board.

5. Decide the type(s) of logo you want.

6. Your logo shouldn’t cost less than $500.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Giving Feedback On Your Personal Brand Logo

The Personal Brand Logo Checklist

  • Is the logo simple to remember?
  • Is your logo recognizable within 2 seconds?
  • Is your logo timeless? (It shouldn’t be trendy.)
  • Is your logo visually appealing to your target audience?
  • Is your logo unique so that it distinguishes you from others in your industry?
  • Is the logo versatile enough for all your needs — both digital & print? (Can you use it across all your digital platforms and offline media assets?)



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