Customer Service Outsourcing: How LEVO Upped Their Game

LEVO Oil is a revolutionary oil infusion company that’s growing fast.

Their patented technology is exclusively designed for infusing botanicals in your own home. Loyal customers rave about LEVO and its technology. But according to Sarah, Head of Operations, “We were getting bad reviews about our customer service.”

LEVO’s premium appliance is a hit — kitchen connoisseurs, you’ll love it — but phones and other outsourced customer service solutions weren’t working. The team knew they needed a better, specialized, and centralized solution within their control.

After careful consideration, LEVO onboarded Flow for their customer service outsourcing.

This past year, LEVO has seen exponential growth.

With a renewed interest in health, quality ingredients, and cooking at home, LEVO was able to tap into new customer bases and exceeded sales goals. They anticipate growth to continue, and by outsourcing customer service to Flow (email support and live chat), they’re able to scale their customer service just as rapidly as they’ve scaled their company.

By building a knowledge base that allows customers to answer questions themselves, implementing a scalable live chat team, and providing email support services, Flow has created an unstoppable, incredible customer support experience for LEVO.

“It was great,” Sarah said. “Flow wasn’t cookie-cutter. Flow customized to our needs. They were exactly what we needed.”

As you’ll see in LEVO’s case, outsourcing your customer service is one of the best ways to maximize your resources and build an incredibly efficient team.

Outsourcing your customer support has an ROI you can’t ignore.

Improved Customer Response Times

When LEVO began selling units, their distributor offered extra customer support services. In the beginning, it seemed like an obvious decision that was bound to work.

Little did they know; their distributor was not an expert in customer service. In fact, quite the opposite.

In Sarah’s words, “They definitely weren’t trained.”

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“We would get complaints about long lead times, replacements, or warranties,” she said. Customers would wait anywhere from weeks to months to receive a new crucial part or returned service units.

Flow changed all of that.

Our live chat and email support agents receive training to respond to questions in 40 seconds or less. Besides speed, their knowledge-based training allows them to react with remarkable accuracy and organization.

With a professional support team, Flow helped LEVO, “shorten customer service processes and the time to get through the red tape,” Sarah said.

Enhanced Data Transparency

LEVO also struggled to get customer data used for analysis and improvements from the previous company handling their customer service.

Sarah recalls their prior team interaction was, “like pulling teeth.”

“Since we didn’t have the reports and transcripts, we didn’t know where we had opportunities. We couldn’t make the content or adjustments to make our customer’s lives easier.”

Now, Flow gives LEVO complete data control and transparency into all the numbers, enabling them to make appropriate changes, plus tackle unseen issues with speed and efficiency.

“There’s an issue with our app we didn’t know about. If I weren’t able to get into the platform and see the tickets, it’d be hard to get it fixed fast,” Sarah explained.

Also, LEVO created a customer-facing knowledge base with Flow’s data, something Sarah describes as a game-changer.

“People can type their question and get an answer to our frequently asked questions. It’s saved us a lot of time, helped our transparent communication, and improved response times.”

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Increased Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Excellent customer service requires a human touch and consistent messaging across a company — something Sarah admits LEVO was missing.

“We didn’t have specialized attention. There wasn’t a uniform voice. There were so many inconsistencies.”

This is why Flow’s small team of specialized agents appealed to her.

Flow tailors every agent response and email to your brand. We require live chat agents to pass website training and knowledge-base exams. Before you go live, our agents are run through a series of practice chats to provide another level of clarity. Afterward, a Flow customer support agent knows all the ins-and-outs of your products, services, processes, and systems.

“Our email and chat are a lot smoother than I could have imagined. It’s like having a support agent working right next to me,” Sarah said.

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Improved Scalability

LEVO is a beautiful, intuitive kitchen appliance that makes complicated processes a breeze in your home kitchen. Customers are intrigued but have questions.

As a result, they needed a streamlined, sharp, and specialized customer support team to manage the vast amount of questions, replacement issues, and warranty inquiries received.

Flow’s live chat team was integral in improving their overall quality of support, but their growth during COVID posed another challenge:

How would the team manage the massive increase in customer support needs while maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings?

Rather than bring on a team member internally — which would eat up time and costs, LEVO trusted Flow to keep up with the demand of their customers’ needs.

By creating a set of “trigger points” for LEVO to improve hiring expediency, Flow is able to hire and train new customer support agents to go live within two weeks whenever they experience a burst in growth.

This system allows the LEVO team to focus on other priorities, like marketing and product innovation.

Had LEVO tried to keep its customer service in-house, they would end up using resources that could be better utilized in areas like brand partnerships, product launches, or advertising. Outsourcing the hiring and managing of their customer support has allowed them to improve efficiency, increase their support load, and maintain high-quality service.

Since the switch to Flow, LEVO has 100% ratings on every chat. Customers are leaving incredible reviews like, “Best customer service in the industry!”

“We’re benefiting from increased retention and higher conversions from customer questions. We are beaming and excited to grow with Flow,” Sarah said.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in seeing what outsourcing your customer service can do for your company or brand and how Flow can help.

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